St. Paulís Lutheran Church Annual Meeting 1-16-2011

President John Villegas called the meeting to order at11:30 a.m.

Diane Stewart talked about the Thrivent Financial for Lutheran, informing us of options that they offer.

Secretaries Report: Copies of the January 10, 2010 annual meeting were handed out to read, it was moved by Marilyn Monson to approve the minutes, and seconded by Diane Plumb, motion approved.

Treasurerís Report: Dale presented the treasurerís report, pointing out the highlights as well as the listing of the list of CDís and the totals of each. Norman Scott motioned to approve the treasures report, Gene Monson seconded it, motioned carried.

Pastorís Report: Pastor spoke about leaving the ELCA, itís always hard to leave old friends and roots, but in moving on, joining a different church organization, we made a statement that we are a church of mission. He encouraged us to embrace the other churches in the area. Opportunities open up to us to share things/activities with these other churches. He commends our church members on what great unity and attendance in the decision making process that we went through to make this decision.

Other Business:

1. Orrin talked about the budget, explaining that we cut the budget for the utilities because we are expecting loser costs due to the new furnace installed. Most of the items stayed the same. We gave the organist, etc., a small increase as well as Pastor Ronís 1% raise. Overall, the budget is $320 lower than last year. Diane Plumb asked if we approve the budget on the table, can we still donate to missions. The money is separate funds than in the budget, so motion was made by Gene Monson, seconded by Arlene Gans to accept the budget, all approved.

2. John announced that he had 3 volunteers for church council, Lynn Gaskill, Gene Monson and Eric Monson to replace the 3 who are going off, John Villages, Pam Borkowski and Jeanne Barry. Dick Sorensen made the motion to accept these 3 replacements, which was seconded by Keith Jensen, it was approved by all.

3. Discussion was held on the website. The website is going to continue and will be posted in the bulletin so everyone will have the address.

4. KNOD ads were talked over to see if we would like to continue these times to spread the word. Al Plumb motioned to continue these, with Norman Scott seconded, all approved.

5. Delegates for the Salem Lutheran Home were requested and Dick and Dee Sorensen volunteered, but we can take up to 6, so more are requested.

6. The Bulletin sponsorship signup was discussed, if we would like to continue this, and all was in favor of this, there is a sign up in the back of the church for those who would like to sponsor.

7. It was noted that the Benevolence money was used to purchase the copier and new furnace.

8. Dick Sorensen informed the congregation about the $18,000 CD listed on his report may be the same as whatís listed on the treasurerís report, so we are going to table this conflict until the meeting that is going to be held to amend the constitution.

9. It was suggest that we create a newsletter mailing and Diane Plumb reported the prices involved with this mailing. Suggestions were made to get a list of the shut-ins and non-active members to send these newsletters out to them. Nancy Larsen made the motion to send a newsletter to shut-ins and non-active members; it was seconded by Norman Scott and passed unanimously. Pastor Ron and Sheryl Holloway will be taking charge of this.

10. John Villages mentioned some upcoming expenses, such as possibly a new roof, basement windows, new sound system and parsonage garage door.

11. Benevolence giving was brought up that the Council came up with three missions: Lutheran World Relief, Tanzania Project and Institute of Lutheran theology. Other suggestions were welcome.

12. It was pointed out that we need to amend our constitution for our church. We will have to have a congregational meeting to make that amendment. All congregational meeting requires a 2 week announcement to make it official, matters of proposing and voting. February 6th is set for that date. Dick Sorensen made the motion, seconded by Pam Borkowski to accept this date, all approved.

13. Pam Borkowski went over the usher list, confirming ushers if they agreed and asking for volunteers on months that are open.


Nancy Larson moved to adjourn, Norman Scott seconded. Motion carried unanimously at12:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Pam Borkowski