St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Council Meeting

Nov. 3, 2010

President John Villegas brought the meeting to order with 5 members present and Pastor Ron Rasmussen.

Pastor Ron gave devotions.

Michelle Musich with Counsel Office and Document attended the meeting to give the members of the council information on the new copier and to discuss the maintenance agreement. She came early to show any interested member or employee how to run the copier and how to load paper or bulletins into the machine. Dick moved to purchase the maintenance agreement, seconded by Orrin and the motion passed. John signed the agreement and wrote a check to send back with Michelle.

Pastor Ron read the minutes of the October meeting. Linda made a motion to approve the secretary’s report, seconded by Julie and the motion passed.

Dale gave the Treasurer’s Report. There was income for the month of $4630.65 and expenses of $4117.82 for a net gain of $512.83. Orrin made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, seconded by Julie and the motion passed. Dale mentioned that we have some CDs in the bank that we could put to another use. He just wanted the members of the congregation aware that there was fund available to be spent for a good cause.

Pastor Ron gave the Pastors Report. Our Church is officially a LCMC affiliated congregation. The LCMC now has over 500 member congregations. Pastor Ron needs to be certified by LCMC to be on their roster. He has applied for this certification. Pastor Ron has also sent a letter to the Western Iowa Synod indicating why he no longer wanted to be affiliated with the ELCA.

Pastor is planning Advent services starting with the first being on Nov. 24 at

St. Paul’s.

Pastor is planning a Youth Meeting for Sunday evening Nov. 7 to plan for Thanks Giving eve soup supper. They are planning to use the soup supper for a fund raiser for the A quire The Fire concert and a benefit for Ryan DeMott who was burned in an accident.

The last Saturday night worship service will be on Nov. 6 and there will not be any more until spring.

Old Business:

Dick Sorensen reported that he had paid for the new Furnaces with funds from Thelma Petersen’s memorial funds. The total amount for the three furnaces came to $9160. He has applied for rebates of $325 for each furnace.

New Business:

Pastor Ron reported that we need to look at the constitution to se if it needs to be amended to reflect our affiliation with LCMC. If we need to make some changes we would need to discuss this at the annual meeting.

Pastor Ron asked if we wanted to have a Christmas day worship service this year

because it fell on Saturday and we would have a Sunday service on the following day. There was a consensus that we would not have the Christmas day service.

John mentioned that the council members who will be going off of council will need to find replacements so that they could be put on the annual meeting agenda. He also mentioned that the trustees needed to meet to plan a new budget for the annual meeting.

The next council meeting will be on Thursday Dec. 2 at 7:00 PM.

Motion to adjourn was made by Linda, seconded by Dick and the motion passed.

Attending this meeting were Linda Tietsort, Julie McKeever, Dick Sorensen, John Villegas, Orrin Bruhn and Pastor Ron Rasmussen.