St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Council Meeting 8-7-2009

President Mike Fara brought meeting to order with 6 members present. Mike, Cy, Linda, John, Orrin and Alyson

Treasurer’s Report: Dale gave the Treasurers report. Discussion on what we could cut back on to save money. Radio program was brought up. Both months we had less income than expenses. Three checks from Thrivent, 2 were funds for the soup suppers and the other one was from Easter breakfast for relay for life. Linda made a motion to approve the June and July treasurers reports, seconded by Cy, motion carried.

Pastors Report:

· Youth retreat to Little Sioux Woodland camp, August 14th 7 15th.

· Pastors vacation Oct. 2-6.

· Saturday worship- we will do August 8 and 29th as pastor will be gone on the 22nd.

· Lutheran Core 3rd goal: Naming of God. The 1st goal: The Common Confession, the 2nd Goal: Maintain the Mission (spread the word).

· Pastor will be at the Nationwide Assembly on August 17-22.

· Joint worship with Bethlehem August 23, at 10:30.

Old Business:

· Joint Council moved to August 23rd after the potluck.

· Camcorder is working fine. Pastor needs to be reimbursed for the churches share of the cost.

· The soffit on the Sunday school addition needs attention. Discussion on whether to put metal on instead of painting. There was a conscience to look at it after church.

· Pastor visits with the inactive members in the community progressing well, but not finding many home. Pastor wanted to have the congregation give him more names if we think someone needs to be visited more often.


New Business:

· Rally Sunday is September 13th. Service times will change to 11:00 again. Cy moved to change time, Linda seconded, motion carried.

· Confirmation-Kailie Rasmussen, Kevin Davis, Abbie Bornhoft, Collin Borkowski and maybe Hanna Knudson. Will start this year.

· We need to check if we have given any money to the vacation bible school fund.

· Discussion was held about how we can finance the KNOD radio spots on Monday mornings. Linda moved to put a signup sheet out to see if anyone wants to sponsor the spots. John seconded, motion carried.


The next meeting will be September 2nd, at 8:00.

John motioned to adjourn and Cy seconded. Motion carried.

We closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted, John Villegas in Pam Borkowski’s absence.