St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Annual Meeting 1-10-2010

President Mike Fara called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m.

Secretaries Report: Copies of the January 11, 2009 annual meeting were handed out to read, it was moved by Al Plumb to approve the minutes, and seconded by Eric Monson, motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike covered the highlights of the Treasurers report. He made note of the large amount under miscellaneous income which is a CD, but cancelled itself out again under the purchase of a CD on the expense side. Diane Plumb motioned to approve the treasures report, Arlene Gans seconded it, motioned carried.

Pastor’s Report:

His mission was to reach others by contacting them but it was somewhat frustrating because the people are so busy. It is not "us"- our church or its members, but it’s the busy lives people live, that it is happening everywhere.

He was disappointed that we had to cancel Palm Sunday and Christmas Eve, due to the weather, not only because of the services, but for the financial giving that is beneficial to our church. He suggested a special service to be held and the council will discuss this further.

Another challenge this year was the ELCA decision. Pastor touched on this and further discussion will be held later in the meeting about this.

Pastor read his letter to the congregation about our decision to ELCA as to why we suspended our benevolence funds. There is a Resolution on Suspended Benevolence Funds as to where to send these funds that have been withheld from August 2009 through December 2009:

Lutheran World Relief,

Center for Agriculture Development

The institute of Lutheran Theology

Continue to send to the ELCA.

Pastor touched briefly on each of these organizations. Al Plumb made the motion with a second from Gene Monson to adapt this resolution.

Al Plumb motioned to amend this motion to add the local charities, such as Open Door Mission, Salem Lutheran Home, Shelby County Outreach, New Hope Village, and consider the Tanzania project up to the council’s discretion. Maureen seconded the amendment. Vote was taken on Al’s amendment, passed unanimously.

Vote was held on the resolution, motion carried unanimously. Gene Monson motioned to continue this same direction for this next year. Henry Olsen seconded, motion carried unanimously.

Discussion was held on the parliamentary procedure of the ELCA. As per the constitution, we cannot vote to leave the ELCA at the Annual meeting, so another meeting must be held. Vote has to be 2/3rd percent in favor to pass and there has to be a quorum, which is 10% of the active members.

Vote was taken today to be able to call a special meeting to adapt the resolution to start the process of leaving the ELCA. Ballots were distributed, vote take and counted. Vote passed 41 to 2 in favor of having a special meeting.

Election of council members:

Nominations were held for church council members. Mike Fara, Sarah Bornhoft and Cy Monson’s terms are ending. Sarah Bornhoft made the motion to accept Dick Sorensen, Bonnie Axland, and Julie McKeaver as new council members. Sheryl Holloway seconded, motion carried.

New Business:


Delegates for the Salem Lutheran Home were requested and Gene Monson and Henry Olson volunteered, but others are needed.

The Budget for 2010 was presented and Mike went over the highlights. Gene Monson motioned to accept the budget for 2010, with a second from Joann Villegas. Motion carried.

Charlene Knudsen will be taking over for Dorothy Jensen as Financial Secretary. Diane Plumb made the motion to accept this, seconded by Arlene Gans, motion carried.

Mike mentioned the option of Simply Giving is available, which is an automatic withdrawal from your checking account and to talk with Dorothy if you would like to get this setup.

Thanksgiving offering has not been designated as to where the money is to go. Gene Monson suggested that the council decides where to distribute these funds.

KNOD radio times are available at $10.50/week, which is every Monday at 8:15. Sheryl is going to put up a signup sheet in the back of the church for those interested.

Bulletin signup sheet will also be available in the back of the church.

Saturday night services, which have been held in the spring-1 per month, summer- 2 per month, fall-1 per month and in the winter-none being held. Pastor will continue these.

Adult Bible study will continue on Sundays at 6 pm.

Pam Borkowski mentioned that the Church Council minutes binder is getting very full and suggested past years be put in the file cabinet in Pastors office.

Pam also asked for volunteers for ushers for this coming year.

Cy Monson moved to adjourn, Kathy Fara seconded. Motion carried unanimously at10:24 am.


Respectfully submitted,

Pam Borkowski