Friends in Christ,

As most of you know, during Lent we hold mid-week services with four churches involved: Bethlehem, St. Paul, Immanuel, and Bethany. These mid-week Lent services have been meaningful for all involved, providing worship and fellowship between our church families. It has worked so well, three years ago we held four mid-week services during Advent. Since they went so well the first three years, we are going to join with our Lent partners for four Advent mid-week services again this year. Advent is the time leading up to Christmas. We will be doing a series based on the Advent hymn: "Hark the Glad Sound". Our first mid-week Advent service will be Wednesday, November 30 at 7:00 pm. The schedule is:

First Week of Advent: “The Promised Savior”

Wednesday, November 30 / St. Paul in Irwin

Second Week of Advent: “The Prisoners' Release”

Wednesday, December 7 / Immanuel in Kimballton

Third Week of Advent: “The Broken Heart Healed”

Wednesday, December 14 / Bethlehem in Jacksonville

Fourth Week of Advent: “Hosanna - Prince of Peace”

Wednesday, December / Bethany in Kimballton


There will be a lighting of the Advent candles, Christmas hymns and carols. I hope during this busy time of year, you can set aside time for these special worship services.

Your friend in Christ,

Pastor Ron