Council members present: Paul Stewart, Steve Mikkelsen, Leroy Larsen, David Christensen, Gail Peterson, Harold Pieper, & Pastor Ron.

Paul Stewart called the meeting to order.


∑ Pastor led devotions.


∑ Minutes of the 10/22/08 meeting were read; David Christensen made motion to approve, 2nd by Steve Mikkelsen, motion carried.


∑ Leroy Larsen gave the Financial Secretaryís report. Motion to approve by Harold Pieper, 2nd by Gail Peterson, motion carried.


Pastorís Report included:

∑ November 26th will be the Soup Supper with St. Paulís at the Irwin Community Building. Offering will be used to help fund schooling for student in Tanzania and the upcoming Ski Trip.

∑ Christmas Eve Service will be Dec. 25 @ 5:30 p.m. There will also be a 10:30 a.m. service at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

∑ In January we will change our service hours to 9 a.m. worship service, with Sunday School at 10 a.m.

∑ Pastor said the conference in Minneapolis was good and that it was fairly well attended.

∑ Pastor will be gone on February 8th for service participation in Wisconsin.

∑ Pastor will be attending The Word Alone conference in Minneapolis Nov. 9-11.


Old Business:

∑ TC3 is working on the smoke smell and will continue to until it is resolved.

∑ Nov. 23 was the Harvest Fest and there was lots of great food and fellowship.


New Business:

         The month of December has been designated for the collection for the mitten tree and food pantry items. Collection boxes will be in the fellowship area. Paul Stewart made motion to approve, 2nd by Steve, motion approved.

         A joint council meeting will be held on Dec. 3rd at BLC, with St. Paulís to discuss yearly maintenance issues between both churches.

         Annual Meeting will be January 18th. Harold Pieper made motion to approve, 2nd by David Christensen, motion approved. A sandwich lunch will be held after the meeting.

         We will be purchasing a projector with St. Paulís to use for services and vacation bible school. We will also be purchasing a tri-pod screen on our own. Leroy Larsen made motion to purchase the screen, 2nd by Gail Peterson, motion carried.

         Next Council Meeting will be Dec. 15th at 6:30 p.m.

         Motion to adjourn made by Gail Peterson, 2nd by Steve Mikkelsen, motion carried.

         The meeting was adjourned with The Lordís Prayer.


Respectfully submitted, Gail Peterson, Secretary.