Dear Friends in Christ,

“Who? What? When? Where? and Why?” These are the questions of a reporter. When asked to cover a story, most reporters strive to answer these five questions. What if a reporter was sent to cover the story of Lent? How would they answer these questions?

WHO? That’s easy: Jesus Christ!! The whole story of Lent centers on Jesus, God’s beloved Son. Jesus was born for this journey of Lent.

WHAT? That’s also easy: Salvation!! As the song says, “Now we need not fear the grave, Jesus Christ was born to save”. The very name “Jesus” means “he will save his people from their sins." Thus, the salvation that Jesus brings includes forgiveness. Lent is about Jesus Christ saving his people through forgiveness.

WHEN? The easy answer is: Good Friday!! For it is on Good Friday that Jesus promises forgiveness and salvation. But, this salvation was planned before the foundation of the world. When Jesus says, “It is finished” on Good Friday, he is telling us that the salvation that was planned from the beginning of time, has now been achieved.

WHERE? The only answer: The Cross!! The Cross is where Jesus takes away our sins, defeats death and the devil, and grants life everlasting. When Jesus knew he was going to the Cross he said, “I go to prepare a place for you in my Father’s house”. That is the purpose for Lent, to prepare a place for us in heaven; and Jesus accomplishes it on the Cross.

WHY? This is probably the hardest question of Lent. Why? Why would Jesus go to a cross and die, to bring us salvation. After all, he didn’t want to die, and he could have prevented his death. So, why did he die? Why is there Lent? C.S. Lewis, in his book “The Screwtape Letters” calls it the greatest mystery of all time, because we can’t see or understand what Jesus gets out of it.

THE ANSWER! Our answer is “love”. But, it’s a different kind of love than the world has ever know before. For, it’s a completely selfless love. The love of Jesus is a love that is always concerned with us, never with himself. He did everything during Lent to help us, even when it meant sacrificing himself. He died on the Cross, to give us life. That is the love of Jesus Christ, the love of Lent. That is why he went to the Cross, because he loves us.

Your friend in Christ,

Pastor Ron.