St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Council Meeting 4-1-2009

Those present were Mike Fara, Sara Bornhoft, John Villegas, Cy Monson, Linda Tietsort, Jeanine Barry, Orrin Bruhn, Pam Borkowski, Dale Feser and Pastor Ron Rasmussen.

Mike called the meeting to order at 5:15 p.m.

Secretaries Report: Pam read the minutes of the February meeting, Orrin made the motion to approve as read, seconded by Sara, motion carried unanimously. Pam then read the March minutes and Linda made the motion to approve the minutes with a few changes, seconded by John, motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurers report was read with $3573.59 surplus. Motion was made by John and seconded by Orrin to approve the report, motion carried unanimously.

Pastor’s Report:

Pizza sales are coming up and will go to VBS and will be made on April 18th. We will be taking orders on Sundays before.

Next youth service will be Mothers Day- May 10th.

Pastors vacation – he will leave Easter evening (April 12th) to go home and will be back Wednesday the 15th.

Pastor mentioned he will be gone October 2-6th for his God-Childs wedding.

Confirmation is May 24th

First communion is May 3rd- Collin Borkowski and Hannah Knudsen.


Easter midweek Lenten services are well attended!

Easter, April 12- service 10am. at St. Pauls.

“Living Last Supper” at manning, Wednesday 8th, 7:00 auditorium. Also in Harlan but no dates were mentioned.

Heather Davis and Nancy Walters want to transfer their membership, and Pastor Ron will take care of the details.

Old Business:

Directory- make sure you have your appointments. Some discussion on how it was going to be laid out.

It was brought up that we should have our Mission Statement on a plaque to display in the entry way and Kathy Fara has volunteered to take care of this.

New Business:

Margaret Wiig approached Sheryl about the Recording Secretary position.

Council approved Relay for life will get proceeds from the Easter breakfast and get matching funds from Thrivent. John made the motion to approve this, with Orrin seconding it. Motion carried.

Linda Tietsort asked to use the basement for a shower for the Ladehofts on May 2nd. The council approved.

The next meeting will be May 6th at 8:00.

Mike motioned to adjourn and Pam seconded. Motion carried.

We closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Borkowski