St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Council Meeting 3-4-2009

Those present were Mike Fara, Sara Bornhoft, John Villegas, Cy Monson, Dale Feser, Linda Tietsort, Jeanine Barry, Orrin Bruhn and Pastor Ron Rasmussen.

Mike called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Devotions: Pastor Ron gave devotions on praying with the basketball players and praised them on their behavior.

Secretaries Report: No minutes were read.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurers report was read with $137.38 surplus. The utilities still seem high even with the new furnace. We received a thank you from the Flessner family and a thank you from Zach Feser. Dale reported that he bought a Printer/fax and 2 new cartridges for his use, approximately $140.00 plus cartridges, paid for through the church. “Giving” is down but so far still positive. Treasurer’s report was approved by John and second by Linda.

Pastor’s Report:

Fun Day at Manning Rec. Center for Sunday the 8th from 1-5, will possibly need to be postponed due to ball games and possible rally on Sunday.

Pizza sales are coming up and will go to VBS and will be made on April 18th. We will be taking orders on Sundays before.

Next youth service will be Mothers Day- May 10th. Pastor will not be here, but he will prepare them. No need for a supply pastor, let the youth do it. He will need someone to supervise – rehearsal is Wednesday, May 6th to make sure they are prepared. They will do both church services.

Pastors vacation – he will leave Easter evening (April 12th) to go home and will be back Wednesday the 15th.

Mid-week lent services have been well attended. Schedule is “on line”. Breakfasts have been well attended as well.

Adult bible study- “Rockin Rabbi”

Pastor has been meeting with some of the “in actives”. Church attendance has been up some.


Easter at Bethlehem, the sunrise service, 7:00. Later service will be at St. Paul’s, breakfast at 9:00 and service at 10:00.

Relay for life- some of the money will be given to the Sunday School- consensuses from the board, which was ok.

Pastor was asked what to do with the Lenten offering? Motion by John to give money to Sunday school, seconded by Cy. Motion carried. Matching funds will be applied for.

Directory letter has been sent out; hopefully we’ll have 100% response.

Assembly information- date is May 1-3. Dorothy Jensen and Barb Brundige and Pastor will attend. Pastor will be there Friday and Saturday and will be back for church on Sunday. They will discuss human sexuality.

St. Paul’s will serve the Lenten service April 1st. We will have either maidrites or soup- this will be decided by Mike and John.

Old Business:


New Business:

John requested that we need one more handicap parking spot by the church. Larry Kington will provide the sign from the town and John and Mike will install. Possibly may have to paint strips for different parking being street is “2-way” now. This was tabled this till next meeting.

The next meeting will be April 1st at 5:00.

Cy motioned to adjourn and Orrin seconded. Motion carried.

We closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanine Barry and Pam Borkowski