St. Paulís Lutheran Church Council Meeting 2-4-2009


Those present were Mike Fara, Sara Bornhoft, John Villegas, Cy Monson, Jason Monson, Pam Borkowski, Dale Feser, Linda Tietsort, Jeanine Barry, Orrin Bruhn and Pastor Ron Rasmussen.

Mike called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.


Devotions:  For devotions Pastor Ron expressed that we are soldiers of the cross.


Secretaries Report: Jason read the January minutes.  It was motioned by John and 2nd by Linda to approve the minutes.


Election of Officers:

President: Pam nominated Mike for President, Cy seconded it. Linda motioned to cease nominations, and the vote carried unanimously.

Vice President: Cy nominated John, with Jeanine giving a second, Pam nominated Cy, and Orrin seconded it. We had an election by ballot and John was elected to Vice President.

Secretary: Pam nominated Sarah, which died for lack of second. Jeanine nominated Pam and Cy seconded Jeanineís nomination. John ceased nominations with a second from Cy. Pam was elected by unanimous vote.

Designation of Trustees and Deacons:

            Trustee                                   Deacon

            Jeanine                                     Mike

            John                                         Pam                 February/March/April

            Cy                                           Sarah               May/June/July

            Orrin                                        Linda               August/September/October

                                                            Allison             November/December/January


 Treasurerís Report: Dale read the treasurerís report for January. It was noted that the insurance for the year, was due and paid from this month of $2550.00 and there was a receipt turned in from a refrigerator paid for in 2005, which the trust fund purchased, but it should have been the church fund, so that was reimbursed. Miscellaneous Income was a patronage dividend from FMCTC of $526.00.  Cy motioned to approve the report and Orrin seconded it. 


Pastorís Report:

  1. Thrivent paid matching funds of $563.00 for the soup supper which will be used to send a child from Tanzania to school
  2. Several youth events are planned, such as:
    1.  Ski trip to Seven Oaks Recreation Center in Boone on February 8th
    2. Acquire-the-FireĒ event February 21-21
    3. Fun day at the Manning Rec Center on March 8th
    4. Annual pizza sale on April 26th.
    5. Luther League will be leading a worship service this spring, date is to be determined, possibly the 10th, which is Mothers Day.
    6. Camp-out at Little Sioux sometime this summer.
  3. Pastor Heather is going to lead the service February 9th, some discussion was held on when and how much to pay and mileage was standard. Mike was going to call Dale and Pastor will email Pastor Heather as to how that will work out.



         Lenten Services, Pastor informed us of his plans with Pastor Tony. March 4th and April 1st are the 2 services at our church. Discussion was held later for details about the meal.

         Adult bible study will start February 15th at 6:00.

         Lenten breakfast is going to held at Methodist this year.


Old Business:


         On the Directory, Pastor met with Orrin Mills and April 6th and 7th, from 3:00 pm to  9:30 pm on those 2 days they will be there to take pictures. Dorothy and Dee are supervising it from our church. The directory will be online for viewing. This director is at no cost to us, but you can purchase pictures from them  at your individual expense. Our goal is to get the most complete of a directory as possible. Dorothy and Dee will schedule appointments, and hand out information at a later date.

         Western Iowa Synod Assembly, will be held on May 1st, 2nd and 3rd, at the Sioux City Convention Center, with Dorothy Jensen and Barb Brundige volunteering to be delegates.

         Inactive and new members are going to be a priority this year, to get the existing members more involved and campaigning new members

         Discussion was held on Nancy Walters and Heather Davis, about joining as members.

         A list of official members was reviewed and several of the deacons were staying after the council meeting to review this further.

         Salem delegates are Gene Monson and Norman Scott, but we need 4 more. This will be held at the Bethlehem church February 22nd. 

         Mike is going to check with Sheryl about the old bulletins and what to do with them.



New Business: 


         2 bulbs were out in the church, so those were going to be replaced.

         Installation of new members is going to be February 22nd and photo will be taken.

         Discussion was held on Nancy Jensen requesting to play the organ only 2 Sundays a month rather than 3. Mike was going to talk with Julie McKeever about this to see if she would be willing to play once a month.

         Mike got 750 pounds of sand from the City of Irwin for the sidewalks and was going to talk to LeAnne Leinen or Larry Kington  about who to pay for this.

         Further discussion was held on the March 4th Lenten service and what to serve at the supper.  Soups would be Chili, Chicken Noodle, Ham and Bean and possibly Diane Plumb would bring her soup, with open face sandwiches. Mike and John were going to come up with a sign up sheet to place at the church for donations of foods. Serving will be from 6-7 and service at 7:30 pm.



The next meeting will be March 4th at 5:00, before the supper at 6:00.


John motioned to adjourn and Cy seconded.  Motion carried. Meeting was adjourned at 9:10.


We closed with the Lordís Prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

Pam Borkowski